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SEO Tips for Blogs

Learn SEO in Hindi language Search Engine Optimization increases the organic ranking of our website. We can understand this with this example – When we do some search in Google, the page that comes open to us is called SERP i.e. Search Engine Result Page. There are two types of results on this page.

seo friendly blogger templates

1. Inorganic results – The advertisements which are there and come there by paying money. 2 Organic results – Which they come without paying, but for this we have to do Search Engine.

Organic and inorganic results look like this on the SERP page – Example of organic and inorganic results With Search Engine Optimistion is do follow instant approval blog commenting sites, we can come on top of Google's organic results. And this Learn SEO in Hindi tutorial will help you in this. To do SEO of a website or blog, follow these steps.